We’re on Camera! Assisting the City of Matsumoto, Bringing Our Castle Town to the World

Posted on 2022.11.23 in News

There’s a lot going on here in Japan’s best little castle town! Not only is Matsumoto beginning to see the long-awaited return of tourism, but our friends over at the City Tourism Association have been busy producing some amazing promotional videos that showcase just how cool this town is. And we here at Matsumoto Experience have been lucky enough to be a part of it!

Samurai Experience

Matsumoto, you may have heard, has tons to offer beyond Japan’s oldest castle tower. And this includes hands-on experiences with some of Japan’s most exciting traditions. Working with the City of Matsumoto in their video production we have been able to hone our own skills in the ways of the samurai and the artistry of the taiko drum. We’ve also had the luxurious pleasure of strolling the castle town in bright kimono!

Kimono Walking Tour

If the fun never ended, we’d be perfectly happy. But the City of Matsumoto is eager to show you what’s waiting here among the mountains of central Japan! And when their work is done and ready for the world we’ll be right here, ready to bring it straight to you, so you too can see what’s waiting!

Taiko Drumming

See you soon!