Welcome to Matsumoto Experience!

Posted on 2018.08.24 in News

We wish you a warm welcome to the new Matsumoto Experience website!

Get fully outfitted in a traditional kimono or yukata complete with Japanese umbrella and zori sandals!

We created this site to help you have a much fuller experience here in Matsumoto that goes far beyond your standard sightseeing trip. Here, you'll be able to find all sorts of hands-on, interactive activities that will give you a real taste of Japanese culture, traditions, history, and even nature.

Learn some new moves in the samurai sword fighting lesson

Go the way of the samurai with the samurai sword fighting lesson or get out into nature on the river cruising tour.

Enjoy the scenes of the Japanese countryside as you raft by old watermills and wasabi farms

For foodies and Japanese food lovers, you won't want to miss the soba noodle making workshop and the traditional miso brewer tour with lunch.

Century-old, wooden miso fermenting barrels at Ishii Miso Brewery

You will find a truly powerful and musically charged experience in the thundering taiko drumming workshop, or if you are into traditional Japanese fashion, spend the day walking around the city in a kimono or yukata.

Learn how to play the taiko drums

There is something for everyone with more activities coming soon! If you find an activity you like, you book directly through the Matsumoto Experience site.

Have fun on your trip to Matsumoto!