Some of Our Best local Food & Drinks

Posted on 2023.07.10 in News

Located in the heart of Japan, Matsumoto City is surrounded by the imposing mountains of the North Japan Alps. Thanks to this mountainous topography, Matsumoto has a unique local growing environment with the surrounding farms offering abundant agriculture and lots of tasty surprises for visitors!


Autumn Rice Harvest

Matsumoto is surrounded by fertile agricultural land. In fact, Matsumoto City boasts the largest agricultural production in the region – a region that produces an abundance of high-quality rice despite the dominance of mountains and forests. The rice harvest gets underway every autumn in Matsumoto, the culmination lots of hard work and a growing season that beings in spring.

Rice harvesting is the beauty of the season


Apples, Grapes & Wine

The end of the rice harvest coincides with the beginning of the apple season. The apples of the region are among the best in the country and there are several varieties including Shinano Sweet, Shinano Gold and the famous Sun Fuji. Delicious local products, such as apple juice, are made from the region’s tasty apples. There are also many peaches, pears and grapes in the region, used by our many local wineries.

The apples of the region are among the best in the country


Soba Buckwheat Noodles

Soba fields are also part of the landscape and our local buckwheat noodles are some of the best in Japan. There are many restaurants where you can try our delicious noodles or even learn to make them for yourself!

Soba fields are part of the landscape


The Largest Wasabi Farm in Japan

Only a short distance from Matsumoto you’ll discover some of Japan’s most abundant wasabi farms. You might be surprised that despite Nagano Prefecture being landlocked, our region is home to the largest wasabi farm in Japan. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover and enjoy the surprisingly versatile flavor and uses of wasabi!

The base of the Japanese Alps is home to several Wasabi farms


Miso & Sake Breweries

Did you also know that Nagano Prefecture accounts for nearly eighty percent of Japan’s miso production? Matsumoto is home to miso breweries still using traditional methods, where you can enjoy engaging tours and traditional miso-based lunches. After lunch, why not also visit a sake brewery and savor the local sake.

A traditional miso-based lunch


And Even More!

The region is also known for its “satsumaimo” (sweet potatoes) and watermelons, along with many other agricultural products such as beans, wheat, barley and poultry. If you want to learn more about the local gastronomy, do not hesitate to contact us!

Local “satsumaimo” (sweet potatoes) from Okada District