Samurai Experience - Live on TV

Posted on 2019.05.10 in News

It's a big day for us!

The local TV crew from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) made a visit to Matsumoto on Wednesday, May 8 to report on our Samurai Experience. It was live on TV in their evening news program.

The TV reporter Ms. Erika Kato (on the left of the picture) took a 2-hour-lesson at the Samurai and Ninja Studio Kenyu on the previous day where she learned how to handle a sword and do some samurai actions from the instructor (on the right).

In the program, she performed a breathtaking samurai combat scene with the instructor for about one minute.

Ms. Kato also introduced the other activities that we currently offer and intervierwed us about what made us launch this business.

It all went smoothly. We had a great time that we will never forget the experience!

Ms. Kato and our staff members.