Meet the Residents of Matsumoto City

Posted on 2023.08.10 in News

Matsumoto offers an immersive travel experience which brings you in contact with local people. Unlike the big cities, Matsumoto enjoys a rural atmosphere and the slower nature of life here offers a real sense of the Japanese countryside. It’s the perfect environment in which to meet with local people while being in close contact with nature. We will be delighted to welcome you to our wonderful city and introduce you to our local culture!


Start in Downtown Matsumoto

As soon as you arrive at Matsumoto Station, you will get a sense of what makes this place different to the big cities! There are no endless tunnels and no signs pointing in all directions. You will quickly find your way out of the station and be able to head straight to the city’s pride – our historic castle.

Matsumoto Station

Along the way, take time to stop by the historic streets of Nawate and Nakamachi. Many grocery stores and other local shops provide the chance to taste our best local produce, sourced from surrounding farms. To fully immerse yourself in the rural atmosphere of the city, speak with local vendors and farmers – a great chance to use a little Japanese too! Our city guides are always delighted to help you speak with local residents.

Local apples sourced from surrounding farms

Explore the Surrounding Countryside

Matsumoto is surrounded by green countryside and farmlands. In fact, Matsumoto boasts the largest agricultural production in Nagano Prefecture, including Japan's largest wasabi farm – around 30 minutes from the city center.

Japan's largest wasabi farm

By venturing into these picturesque landscapes, you will have the chance to meet with even more local residents. Located to the north of the city, the Okada District can be explored by bike. In this area, the local community has created the "Mountain and Horse Project", designed to help residents and visitors (re)discover their connection to nature through various activities.

The "Mountain and Horse Project"


Join a Local Event to Meet the Locals

Twice a year, Okada District hosts a huge festival held at Yamato Ranch. Many events take place including traditional music, gastronomic experiences, adventure trails and environmental activities.

Traditional Taiko Drums Music

If you wish to join the festival, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you. We’d love to help you discover even more in our famous castle city and the surrounding countryside!