Matsumoto’s Best Cherry Blossom Spots: Enjoy the Beauty of Sakura this Spring

Posted on 2024.03.20 in News

Spring is a beautiful time of year to visit Japan and above all else is synonymous with one thing – cherry blossoms. Known as “sakura” in Japanese, the fragile blossoms play a hugely important role in the cultural fabric of Japan. As such, many international visitors time their visit with a hope they can enjoy the cherry blossoms, that bloom all over the country typically through March and April. Matsumoto is blessed with many excellent spots to enjoy the blossoms each spring. Here’s our recommendations of where to find them:


Matsumoto Castle

As the most famous destination in the city, Matsumoto Castle needs no introduction. It is also a fantastic spot to enjoy the blossoms! Numerous trees line the moats surrounding the castle while more trees are within the castle grounds. The white and pink of the blossoms blends beautifully with the contrasting white and black architecture of the castle – a truly photogenic spot!

Each spring, Matsumoto Castle hosts a blossom-viewing festival, timed for the peak bloom. As such, the festival dates change each year and are announced in late-winter to early-spring once a reliable forecast has been made. Each evening the blossom trees and castle itself are illuminated while the castle grounds remain open at night and can be entered free to charge. One of the best cherry blossom experiences in Central Japan!


Alps Park

Located in the north of Matsumoto, Alps Park is an expansive space with plenty of blossom trees. Local families and groups of friends flock to the park in spring to enjoy the flowers, taking leisurely strolls and picnicking beneath the canopy of cherry blossoms.

Alps Park offers views of the both Matsumoto City and the dramatic North Alps – Japan’s highest mountain range – while also offering activities for children including a petting zoo and play equipment. While it takes more time to get to than the castle and isn’t as famous, Alps Park is a terrific destination for anyone wanting space to enjoy the beauty of the blossoms.


Joyama Park

Though smaller than Alps Park, Joyama Park is closer to central Matsumoto and boasts many cherry trees. Located on a small hill overlooking the city, Joyama Park offers great views of Matsumoto framed by the blossoms.

Another popular spot for local families and groups of friends and coworkers, Joyama Park is a great destination for anyone wanting to experience the cherry blossoms the way that most Japanese do – by going local and lowkey.


Mount Koboyama

Mount Koboyama is located in the south of Matsumoto and said to boast around 4000 trees accounting for 9 varieties of blossoms. It’s an easy walk to the summit of this small mountain from where you can enjoy a view of the city while at night, lanterns light up the canopy of blossoms.

Mount Koboyama carries historical significance due to the Kofun Period tomb located there, making it a destination worth visiting. Mount Koboyama takes a little effort to get to but given the amount and variety of blossoms on display, it’s well-worth the effort! It is also a famous place from the “Orange” manga by Ichigo Takano.


And more...

Located outside of Matsumoto in Azumino, Daio Wasabi Farm is Japan’s largest wasabi farm. Known for its beautiful riverbed wasabi fields, the farm also boasts beautiful cherry blossom trees that make spring an exceptionally good time of year to visit. We offer customizable cherry blossom tours that can be modified to include any spot on this list. So get in touch and we’ll start planning your perfect blossom experience in Matsumoto!