Matsumoto Experience is back !

Posted on 2021.05.18 in News

This year has been challenging for all of us and of course for Matsumoto Experience as well. It’s been now a year since we post our last article but even so, we were still working hard to help you booking hands-on workshops and activities in Matsumoto.



Matsumoto Experience has been created with funds from Nagano Prefecture Community Development Funds in order to help you have a richer experience during your trip to Matsumoto and Japan in general.

Instead of just seeing the famous landmarks, we want you to take a deep dive into Japanese culture, history, and nature so that you can take home an unforgettable experience!


We are pleased to announce today that Matsumoto Experience is fully back to work and ready to help you booking your favorite experience.

Our organization had slowly been modified and we are pleased to welcome in our team new overseas members. Previously only composed by Japanese members, Matsumoto Experience has now enrolled passionate local residents from France, United States, Taiwan (of course we still have Japanese members!) This new organization has been made to improve your satisfaction as a foreigner because we think that each visitor from different continent has various expectation about what Japan is!


We are now preparing to add new activities to our experience menu in order to let you choose the best experience according to you desires. We are continuously working on improving our services to provide the funniest cultural activities and hands-on workshop in the heart of Japan.

We will always update you with our new inclusive experiences.

Important information: unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, our Experience Information Center at Shinmai Media Garden does not exist anymore.


We are still here for you through our website and you can contact us at anytime via the following contact information:

Tel: +8180-7735-6647


You can also contact us directly through the below contact form:

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We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!


ME Travel Management - Sylvain Danjaume