2023 Matsumoto Travel: What's new!

Posted on 2023.03.16 in News

Are you planning a visit to Matsumoto in 2023? If so new cultural experiences are coming to this area very soon. Not the least among these includes: a new sushi-making workshop, a hiking discovery of ancient historical castle ruins, a kimono experience around the castle, and a real Japanese countryside immersion tour. All of these new experiences will provide you the fullest enjoyment of our wonderful region!

Matsumoto Castle & the Japanese Alps


Sushi-Making and Wasabi Experience

You may be surprised to learn that a city without access to the sea offers a sushi-making activity! The local salmon, called "Shinshu Salmon", is one of the most famous in the country. Many of these salmon farms are found in the region, most commonly near wasabi farms!  Have a real Sushi Master teach you all the secrets of making this typical Japanese dish while experiencing our local salmon and fresh wasabi!

Sushi-making Experience inc. “Shinshu Salmon” & Local Wasabi

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Kimono Experience at Matsumoto Castle

Having your picture taken in front of our historic city’s castle is a must, however having your picture taken donning a traditional Japanese Kimono is even better! Make your stay here truly unforgettable. After selecting the Kimono of your choice, stroll around the castle, and even enter the inner park and pose with the local samurai and ninjas!

Tea Ceremony & Kimono Experience at Matsumoto Castle

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Historical Hayashi Castle Ruins discovery tour

Matsumoto Castle, originally called Fukashi Castle, was not the only castle in the valley.  Further south of the city, near Mount Koboyama, was once Hayashi Castle which was used to defend the southern approach to the city along with other parts of the valley. Today, only the castle’s ruins remain. But they are worth the visit for the historical significance they represent!

Mountain Castle Ruins, Wine Tasting & Lunch

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Local Life a Cuisine in the Nagawa Countryside

Approaching the famous Kamikochi National Park, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, lies a remote area where a certain local culture and gastronomic tradition continues to flourish. Even today, this region remains relatively isolated but its inhabitants now wish to open up to travelers from all over the world. This future excursion permits you full access to explore the Japanese countryside where you can enjoy the local gastronomy while sharing in these experiences with the locals.

Mountain Life & Cuisine Discovery in the Japanese Countryside

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