What's up in Mastumoto? (Oct. 13–14)

Posted on 2018.10.12 in Events

① Asama Onsen Torch Festival (Oct. 13)

Asama Onsen Torch Festival is a very exciting and spectacular parade of burning straw torches through narrow streets. The participants carry the giant torches to the local shrine. The biggest torches are up to 3 meters high and 3 meters in diameter! Whether you like it or not, you will get your face smeared with torch soot. 😊 Yosakoi dance and taiko drum performances are also scheduled.

The big torch dragged on the street.

Date/Time: Oct. 13 (Sat) starting at 19:00

Location: Asama Onsen Spa Area

60-min walk from Matsumoto sta.
Approx. 30 min by Alpico Kotsu Bus from the Matsumoto Bus Terminal.

Official site (English): http://asamaonsen.jp/en/


② Craft Picnic (Oct. 13–14)

A fun, 2-day family event in the downtown area with many workshops for kids and adults alike. You can enjoy craftwork such as woodwork, ceramics, glass-work, metalwork, fabrics, and many more.

Date/Time: Oct. 13 (Sat)–14 (Sun) 10:00–16:00

Location: Agatanomori Park

30-min walk from Matsumoto Sta.
Approx. 15 min by Town Sneaker Bus (Eastern route)

Official site (Japanese): http://matsumoto-crafts.com/craftspicnic/


③ Traditional Gunnery Performance (Oct.14)

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch and hear traditional matchlock guns fired in the castle garden. This exhibition is performed by gun members dressed samurai in armor.



Date/Time: Oct. 14 (Sun) 13:30–15:00

Location: Matsumoto Castle Honmaru Garden

Admission: Free

Access: 15-min walk from Matsumoto Station

Matsumoto Castle Gun Corps Official site: https://www.gunsamurai.com/