Sankuro bonfire festival to be held this weekend

Posted on 2019.01.11 in Events

It's time again for the Sankuro festival!

Sankuro (known nationwide as “Dondoyaki”) is a traditional bonfire where people in their community gather to burn New Year's ornaments and the previous year's Daruma dolls and wish for happiness in the new year.

Sankuro bonfire

While the fire is burning, participants roast mayudama, small cocoon-shaped rice cakes stuck on pussy willow branches, over the fire for good luck. It is said that those who eat mayudama roasted at Sankuro will stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

Mayudama roasting in the fire

Many Sankuro bonfires will be scheduled around the city during this coming weekend. Please refer to the leaflet below for information about exactly where and when Sankuro will be held in the downtown area.

(This leaflet is organized by: Tobu community building volunteers, Tobu Community Center)