Samurai & Firearms: A live historical experience not to be missed!

Posted on 2022.09.22 in Events

From the introduction of the first firearms to Japan in 1543, the Samurai gradually evolved into true modern warriors. Matsumoto Castle was purposly designed with these weapons in mind. They have been carefully preserved for centuries and some are still functional today.


Twice a year the inner park of Matsumoto Castle hosts one of the city's most impressive events: The Annual Matsumoto Gun Corps Festival. This breathtaking historical re-enactment  offers the rare opportunity to witness real live samurai formations right before your eyes! The members of Matsumoto Gun Corps are pleased to demonstrate their full passion and skill during this event.


The Annual Matsumoto Gun Corps Festival

Date: October 16th, 2022 (Sunday)

Time: From 10:00am to 3:00pm approximately

Location: Matsumoto Castle Inner Park (See Map)

Price: Free access to the park (access to the castle tower remains paying)

Guided Tour: Contact us


Experience the art of Katana

During your visit of the city, discover the history of the castle and the samurai by touring the castle town. Even try your hand at the art of katana sword fighting! This is what we offer here at Matsumoto-Experience through our “Matsumoto Castle Tour & Samurai Experience” activity. Come discover all the secrets of Matsumoto Castle, from the artifacts of a past feudal era to the enthusiastic and dedicated people who continue to keep this historical heritage alive today.


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