Matsumoto Soba Festival is about to start!

Posted on 2018.10.05 in Events

The 15th Matsumoto Soba Festival will be held at Matsumoto Castle Park this holiday weekend (October 6-8).

Nineteen soba vendors will gather from all over the country and serve noodles made in their own styles. It will be a good chance to grab a few different kinds so you can try different tastes. There will also be a lot of other food and drink stalls including those for karaage (deep fried chicken), sushi, sausages, beer, and sweets, so there will be something for everybody. Enjoy eating soba noodles with a nice view of over Matsumoto's 400-year-old wooden castle!

Food stalls are being set up.

A temporary footbath will be set up on the west side of the venue, so when you get tired, why not go and give your feet a nice soak?

A footbath to be.

Even if you're not in Matsumoto during the event, please try some soba while you're in! There are many local soba restaurants in the downtown area which offer delicious noodles throughout the year.

Admission: Free

Hours: 10:00–16:00

Official site (Japanese):