Matsumoto Art & Architecture Festival

Posted on 2024.01.04 in Events

Matsumoto City endeavors to introduce visitors to the many aspects of our history and contemporary character through new events each year. In February and March 2024, the city will again host its “Art & Architecture Festival” during which works of Japanese artists are exhibited in historic buildings throughout Matsumoto.

Inside Matsumoto Castle


What’s On Offer

Winter in Matsumoto is definitely full of surprises! In addition to the heavy snowfall of its surrounding ski resorts, many festivals are organized in downtown Matsumoto. In much the same way as the “Matsumoto Castle Winter Illumination” and “Ice Sculpture Festival” promote the beauty of Matsumoto through creative use of our historic spaces, the city is hosting its second ever “Art & Architecture Festival”.

2023 Matsumoto Art & Architecture Festival

During the 2023 festival, around twenty historic buildings in the city were used to exhibit artworks by artists from all over Japan. In doing so, the public could access buildings that are often off-limits to visitors while connoisseurs of contemporary art enjoy the range of artworks on display.

Kappo Matsumoto-Kan


Notable Buildings

The most notable building of this festival wasd definitely the "Kappo Matsumoto-Kan" restaurant in the Agetsuchi district of the city. Built by local architect Nankai Ota, this building and its Japanese garden are exceptional – a perfect example of Japanese architecture and design.

Agetsuchi Street

Among the other notable buildings, the "Ikegami-tei" warehouse was once a rice warehouse during the Meiji period and located near the Genchi Well - one of the city's many wells renowned for its historical significance. In addition, "Nenrai-ji" tower and its bell offered a rare opportunity to access a characteristically and historically-important Buddhist structure.

Nenrai-ji Temple Tower's Bell


And More…

Other buildings were also worth visiting. The "Kawakami" building, a former clinic that is now an architectural office along with the “Kaichi School” – a registered National Treasure - and more were accessible during the 2023 event.

Kawakami Building

The 2024 Matsumoto Art & Architecture Festival will be held from Friday 23rd February to Sunday 24th March at the Matsumoto City Museum and Media Garden. Admission is JPY 2,000.


Former Kaichi School


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