Events this weekend

Posted on 2018.10.20 in Events

The wholesale market festival (Oct.21)

The annual event open to the public in Oct.

At this market, you'll find the freshest and highest-quality produce, including vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, flower and many more.

Enjoy watching a tuna-fileting show and the trial product auctions for visitors. A taiko drum performance is also scheduled at 8:30 am & 10:00 am.

Date & Time: Oct 21 (Sun), 8:00-13:00

Location: Matsumoto public wholesale market
7600-41 Sasaga, Matsumoto

Access: Take a JR train from Matsumoto Sta. to Hirata Sta. It's a 20-min walk from there.

Kiso Autumn Lacquerware Festival (Oct. 21)

Kisohirasawa is a famous town for lacquerware. A major lacquerware market and workshops will be held this weekend that attracts many visitors from all around the country.

Wild mushroom miso soup is served for free.

Date & Time: Oct 21 (Sun) 9:00-16:00

Location: Kisohirasawa district (2 km North from Naraijuku post town)

Access: Take a JR train from Matsumoto Sta. to Kisohirasawa Sta.

Official site (Japanese)

Oyaki and mushroom festival in Norikura highlands (Oct.21)

Learn to make oyaki dumplings (one of Matsumoto’s local food specialities) with the locals.

You can also get a bowl of wild mushroom miso soup for ¥200/bowl.

No reservation needed.

Date &Time: Oct 21 (Sun), Anytime between 10:30-12:00

Cost: ¥300/person for making 2 Oyaki dumplings.

Location: Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center
4306-5 Norikirakogen, Azumi, Matsumoto

Access: A 30 min train ride from Matsumoto Sta. to Shin-Shimashima Sta. and then a 60 min bus ride from Shin-Shimashima Sta. View the timetable: here.