Kamikochi: one of the Japan’s National Cultural Assets!


The solemn Taisho Pond, surrounded by rime coated trees. The mysterious Tashiro Pond, swathed in mists rising from its unfrozen surface. The Kappa Bridge, standing dignified against the Hotaka Mountain Range. These are but some of the charms of visiting "Tranquil" Kamikochi during the winter season.


Access and Equipment for tours

It is not possible to enter Kamikochi by bus during the winter months, so visitors must walk through the Kama Tunnel to gain access. The Kama tunnel begins at the junction of National Route 158 and the Nagano Prefecturale Route 24 'Kamikochi Park Line". There is a gate immediately before the tunnel entrance to prevent entry by car during winter.


Winter Activites





Accommodation List



Rules for winter in Kamikochi

Due to the fluctuating winter weather conditions in Kamikochi, there is a risk of avalanches, falling rocks, and snowdrift forming. When entering Kamikochi during the winter, be aware that winter mountain climbing is done at your own risk. For your safety and environmental conservation, please follow these rules.

  • Submit a "mountain climbing registration form" at Nakanoyu Gate. A box for submitting the form is set-up at the gate.
  • Beware of avalanches, falling rocks, and snowdrifts forming. Exercise particular caution regarding avalacnhes on the road between Kamikochi Tunnel and Taisho Pond.
  • Use the wintertime toilets at Nakanoyu Gate, Taisho Pond, Nakanose, the bus terminal, and Konashidaira. Please confirm their locations before entering. Contact: Matsumoto City Alps Resort Development Division TEL: +81263-94-2307
  • Keep on the path and do not step into the marsh. Doing so may impact the vegetation in the area. Please do not stray from roads or trails.
  • Pitch tents only at Konashidaira Campsite. Please do not enter the premises of hotels, ryokans, or the overhanging roof of the Visitor Center.
  • Take all your garbage and food with you. Your actions could have an impact on the wildlife in the area. Please take your garbage with you when you leave Kamikochi.
  • The forest course (Nature Trail) is closed. Due to the age and condition of the wooden path, we ask that you please refrain from entering the trail.