Start down the road towards becoming a skilled taiko drummer!

Article by Paige Norris

A Great Intro to Japanese Drumming

Learn how to play from a local team that performs regularly in Matsumoto. No experience is necessary! You will be shown proper stance and the correct way to strike the drum. A no-pressure way to experience drumming on stage!

One Beat at a Time

The workshop began with an impressive performance by members of Hibikiza. Seeing their remarkable skill made us even more excited to step onto the stage with them. After warming up, we began to learn basic rhythms. Our enthusiastic instructors gave step-by-step instructions as they led us through patterns that gradually increased in difficulty. Repetition and simple English directions helped us get the hang of playing quickly. Once we had mastered four variations of the beat, we strung them together for an energizing group arrangement.

Special Touches

With Hibikiza, you aren’t forced to play only one rhythm. Towards the end of the lesson we were given free time to play on a variety of drums. We were even offered the chance to play solo! Participants can also look forward to pictures in a happi (overcoat often worn in festivals) and a souvenir hachimaki (bandanna).


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