Your chance to become a samurai now that you’ve been to Matsumoto Castle!

Article by Paige Norris


Where the History of the Samurai Endures

What better place to have your samurai experience than in a city with a real castle from the feudal era? In Matsumoto, you’ll find many people who cherish the castle and the town’s samurai history. At Studio Kenyu, we watched a fierce demonstration by our two instructors and learned how to handle a sword.


Dress the Part

We were able to choose the colors of our outfits that consist of a yukata (light kimono), hakama (wide-leg pants), and obi (belt). We even selected our swords! The swords are made of bamboo, thus they are durable, but lightweight. The staff made quick work of dressing us. Just putting on the clothing fit for samurai training, I felt a change, but the lessons at Kenyu are about more than just dress-up.

Dedicated Instructors

I could tell that the staff are truly passionate about what they do. They patiently instructed us at a steady pace, all the while repeatedly emphasizing that we should just have fun. Not only will you have fun, but you will meet some great people.


Stand in the Spotlight

After covering the moves we would need to take on two foes, we were ready for lights, camera, action! We took turns taking center stage and having our stage combat recorded. The decoration and atmosphere will make you feel like you’ve stepped foot onto a movie set. Become the star of your own samurai story.



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