A tour of the Sake Brewery is a glimpse into a piece of local history many people never see!

Article by Kevin Kato

This Sake Brewery was established in 1869, just one year removed from the reign of Japan’s last shogun. The two founders of this 150-year-old sake brewery got their start by drawing pure spring water from a source 62 meters below ground. And while they have updated some of their machinery since then, they still remain true to their traditional methods of producing small batches of sake with a level of quality only time and close attention can produce.


Local Sake Brewery Tour

On a tour of the brewery, you can see certain phases of sake production up close, like the hand-washing and the steaming of the rice. Other parts of the process, however, are necessarily kept off-limits. The ‘Muro’, the room where koji-kin mold is sprinkled over the steamed rice to convert its starch to sugar, must be kept at a constant 33 degrees Celcius. The Muro is considered the very heart of the sake brewery.


Local Sake Tasting and souvenirs…

Before you leave, enjoy the brewery’s delicious local sake tasting, and treat yourself to some of the best sake items from the gift shop, with our free tour-included products! They make great souvenirs. You can even buy a bottle of premium sake as a souvenir or some fresh sake from the cooler for your friends and hosts in Japan (they will greatly appreciate it!)


In a traditional Japanese house

You can also visit the 150-year-old home standing right on the premises. Walk through the garden and step inside, and you will feel like you have traveled back in time to Meiji-era Japan. Among the age-old relics on display is the actual desk from which business with visitors was conducted from the very beginning. The sake tasting will take place in this historic building. Also available are Japanese pickles, Sembei (rice crackers), cream cheese and other accompaniments for sake drinking.

Combined with a tour of the Miso Factory, a visit to this sake brewery is sure to be one of the highlights of your stay in Matsumoto. Let us show you around!


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