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Article by Felice Forby

Walking the streets of Matsumoto in a kimono made me feel like I had been transported back to old Japan, even more so when I strolled around the historical districts like Nawate, Nakamachi, and the castle area. Another wonderful part was receiving many smiles and compliments from the older Japanese folk, who were perhaps delighted to see some young people donned in traditional fashion.

Walking around the town wasn’t the only thing that was enjoyable, though—even the whole process of getting dressed was fun! My friends and I got to choose our favorite kimono patterns, colors, obi (sash), not to mention accessories like a Japanese umbrella and bag. There are plenty of patterns to choose from and also kimono for men and kids as well. (For some extra fun, you could even try a ninja outfit!)

The staff was extremely friendly and did a magnificent job of dressing us in an authentic Japanese style. You can even get your hair put up, as the staff members are also hair stylists. This is truly an experience I’d recommend to anyone!

Lastly, just to mention a couple of tips from my experience, I would recommend using one of the Japanese sun umbrellas if it’s a hot summer day so you don’t get scorched. Also, if you plan on walking around for more than an hour or two, you may want to go with the wider, soft footwear as opposed to the wooden footwear, which is much stiffer (both types still look nice though).


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