Cut, tear, and glue traditional Japanese images together, building an intricate scene that you can bring home with you.

Article by Paige Norris

Unique Materials

Washi or "Japanese paper" is paper made by hand from local fibers. It dates back over 1,000 years and plays a key role in certain crafts. With it, you can make truly stunning pieces. Some works are so finely put together that at a glance they look like paintings. Surprisingly durable, washi can be torn into shapes when you get it wet, and that is how we were able to shape parts of our pictures.

Even the Non-Artsy Can Enjoy

Our instructor prepared cut-outs and pre-traced outlines for us. She carefully guided us through each step. Although the finished product might appear quite detailed, the steps are fairly simple. With just the right amount of cutting and pasting, even children can enjoy this activity!

While the image and colors used may change, you can choose certain elements that are to your liking. In our case, we were able to pick out the colors of the sleeves and draw facial expressions. No matter what you create, you are sure to leave with fun memories and your very own piece of traditional artwork.


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