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Buckwheat has long been grown in the mountainous regions of Nagano, lending to its well-established tradition of Soba noodle making (and eating!) This part of the country is famed as the destination for getting the best serving of Soba and so happens to be the locally famous Asama Onsen district as well. But that's not all! A tasting of the variety of local Sakes and the discovery of fresh authentic Wasabi of the region awaits you!


Learn a traditional Japanese culinary art from a master

As our Soba master says, “Nothing tastes better than soba noodles made with your very own hands.” While Soba, or buckwheat noodles, is a simple dish by itself, making the noodles from scratch is a challenge that combines culinary art with precision knife handling and a dash of Japanese discipline. This Soba-making workshop is the perfect opportunity to get more than just the literal bite of this tradition.

For a moment, you will step into the shoes of an apprentice Soba chef under the watchful eye of an experienced Soba master as he guides you through all the basic steps and the proper use of authentic Soba-making tools. It is 100% hands-on from start to finish, including getting to eat our own Soba noodle creation at the end!


Taste some of the best local sake

Sake is one of Japan’s most famous spirits and is an integral part of Japanese culture. It is made mainly from water and rice. Consequently, the best quality sake requires an exceptional environment such as the one found in greater Matsumoto, thanks to the water rich in natural minerals from surrounding mountains and also thanks to the area’s many local rice fields producing the highest quality rice.

Before tasting your handmade Soba, discover an ancestral tradition called "Soba-mae" which consists of tasting some of the best local sake!


Experiment and discover all the secrets of real Wasabi

Wasabi is an essential element in Japanese cooking. It is most famous as a condiment for sushi yet is also commonly consumed with Soba. The real taste of Wasabi is not what you find in plastic tubes sold in supermarkets. Yes, the flavor of real Wasabi is just as spicy, but much fresher and more nuanced than the store-bought kind.

Grate over Soba and try for yourself some real, fresh wasabi straight from the surrounding wasabi farms. If you've never had natural fresh-ground wasabi before, you’re in for a surprisingly refreshing treat!


Stroll through historic Asama Onsen

Asama-Onsen first became popular back in the 17th century, when one of the lords of Matsumoto Castle built the first of the many Onsen still present in the village today. Stroll through the historic streets of this Onsen village and let us introduce you to the best this small neighborhood has to offer.

Enjoy a foot Onsen, shopping the local farmers market, or a strawberry picking activity. All the area’s water comes from the same hot springs. We will help you experience all the charm of this small village for yourself, and it’s located just a few minutes from downtown Matsumoto!


Enjoy your meal



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