Welcome to Matsumoto, Students from Harrow International School Hong Kong!

Posted on 2019.02.16 in Activities and Spots

Last week, we welcomed 30 students and 3 teachers from the Harrow International School Hong Kong. They are staying in Hakuba for a one-week ski excursion and on this day, they took a one-day field trip to Matsumoto. They booked two activities via our official booking website.

First, they got to try soba noodle making at the Takagi soba restaurant. Following the instruction of Takagi's soba master and the brief video guidance, they worked in pairs and made noodles on their own.

The students and teachers watching the video.

Samurai mini performance show as a surprise.

While the restaurant staff were boiling the noodles and setting the table for the guests, we offered a samurai sword performance by members of the "Hibikiza" group. The students had their eyes glued to the samurai as they performed their moves.

After enjoying the show, it was time to eat! This time, the guests ate the soba noodles toji-soba style where noodles are dipped into a soup filled with vegetables.

*Toji-soba: Using a small bamboo basket to dip soba noodles into a pot filled with broth, seasonal vegetables, and mushrooms. This warms the noodles quickly before eating.

Toji-soba is a local specialty of the Matsumoto area and Kiso Valley. It's the perfect dish to warm you up during winter.

Afterward, the students visited Matsumoto Castle in the early afternoon and then headed to the Ishii Miso Brewery where they got to make bowls of miso soup on their own.

The students and teachers went back to Hong Kong two days later.