Taiko Drumming with Our Big City Tourism Friends

Posted on 2022.10.08 in Activities and Spots

Matsumoto sits right smack in the middle of Japan, among many of the country’s highest mountains. Albeit compact, our castle town packs in tons of historical sights and cultural experiences. So it’s no wonder we’re on the radar of travel agencies and tour providers all across the country.


Last month we had the pleasure of welcoming for the day a number of our tourism colleagues, led by Inbound Specialist and Government-Certified Travel Guide & Interpreter Yoshi Tomiyama. Of course, no visit to Matsumoto is complete without taking in Japan’s oldest castle tower, the highlight of our short time together was our lesson in the art of Japanese taiko drumming.


Taiko’s roots are strong in Japan, with its branches reaching every cultural corner of society. Yet the chance to try it for oneself is something special indeed. After a bit of background on the cultural side of taiko, Hashimoto-sensei handed us our “bachi” drum sticks and managed to teach us in short order how to drum like a true, finely-tuned taiko group!


We at Matsumoto-Experience are dedicated to introducing and sharing the town we love with every visitor who comes our way. With the help of our tourism friends and colleagues, more people than ever will be able to see just how much this modest mountain town in the middle of Japan has to offer.


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