Pick Your Own Strawberries in Matsumoto

Posted on 2019.03.05 in Activities and Spots

Strawberries are in season now here in Matsumoto!

Located just outside of the downtown, Osawa Farm is a local family-run farm that grows seasonal fruits and vegetables in the Iriyamabe district.

From February through June, Osawa Farm offers strawberry picking for visitors. It is all-you-can-eat strawberries—you can pick and eat as many strawberries as you like for 30 minutes!

On this farm, strawberries are grown on one-meter-high benches ("elevated cultivation") in a greenhouse, so the berries are clean and you won’t need to brush the dirt off your shoes and clothes. One of the best things is is that you can pick strawberries without sitting or bending down!

At an extra charge, you can also take your strawberry harvest home with you. If you want some "to-go" but don’t really want to pick your own, don’t worry because the farm has fresh-picked strawberries available for sale every day during the season. (Please tell the staff your request upon your arrival.)

Strawberry Picking (All-you-can-eat for 30 minutes)
※Advance reservation required.
Adults (high school students or older): ¥1,500
Children (junior high school students): ¥1,000
Children (primary school pupils): ¥500

Osawa Farm
Address: 1291-1 Nishikirihara, Iriyamabe, Matsumoto
Phone: 0263-39-0734 (Japanese only)
Open 10:00–15:00 daily

If you have any questions or need any assistance for booking, please contact us at info@matsumotoexp.com