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Posted on 2021.06.03 in Activities and Spots

If you are a music lover, one of the most exciting cultural encounters you can have here in Matsumoto is our Taiko Experience. Taiko are unique traditional Japanese drums and are pretty much a staple of many festivals throughout Japan. In fact, each city has its own Taiko team and in Matsumoto you can easily join in the fun with one of the most experienced teams in the country! 



A fun and memorable cultural experience with passionate instructors

After a short warm-up, you will begin by learning the proper stance, movements, and how to hold the drum sticks. Next you will be guided in practicing a simple rhythm and learn to play a short piece together with you instructor.

Whether you participate by yourself, as a couple, or as a whole family, this program is designed to be fun for anyone and everyone. Our Taiko Activity is especially designed for beginners, but can be adapted to each individual’s skill level.

We highly recommend this experience to everyone interested in Japanese culture, music, or even just someone looking for a really unique work-out!


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A special “Ninja/Taiko” combo experience for our Australian guests

While living and working in Matsumoto as an English teacher, Bonnie decided to join our Taiko Experience. She wanted to learn about Taiko culture and history, as well as enjoy this powerful sound!


Bonnie loved her first Taiko Experience so much, that she returned a second time, this time to share it together with her Japanese friend! This may come as a surprise, but even many Japanese people today do not know all about Taiko culture and history. So we welcome anyone partake in our experiences and discover something new. Bonnie and her friend enjoyed their Taiko Experience together so much, that they decided to accept another Japanese culture and history experience as well, The Ninja!



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