Some of Japan’s Most Beautiful Alpine Landscapes

Posted on 2023.06.08 in Activities and Spots

Matsumoto City is located in the heart of Nagano Prefecture, host region of the 1998 Winter Olympics. As such, it comes as no surprise that the region is particularly mountainous and offers breathtaking landscapes, in addition to the charm and authenticity of Matsumoto and its famous castle.


The Many Charms of Matsumoto

Matsumoto is a small and beautiful city that attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its feudal castle. Once here, visitors discover one of Japan’s most enjoyable cities including the historic Nawate Street and nearby Daio Wasabi Farm - Japan's largest wasabi farm – along with the alpine valley of Kamikochi – each a fantastic destination in its own right.


Around Matsumoto City

Beyond the borders of the city you’ll discover exceptional landscapes, some of which can be admired from the city center. The North Japan Alps can be viewed from the top of Matsumoto Castle inspiring you to depart the city to explore the alpine landscapes for yourself.


A Day Trip in Nagano Prefecture

Matsumoto City is an ideal starting point from where to begin your journey into the North Japan Alps! Easily accessible form the city center, enjoy a unique rural experience and discover the wasabi farms of Azumino enroute to the many highlights of the North Alps including Hakuba.


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