Cycling Matsumoto: No Better Way to Take It All In

Posted on 2022.03.25 in Activities and Spots

One of Matsumoto’s underlying charms is its compact downtown area. From Fukashi Shrine to Frog Street, from Matsumoto Castle to the Museum of Modern Art, so many of the city’s most popular places are within easy walking distance. But the full feel of this mountain town comes once you’ve traveled a few of the quieter side roads; passed through some lesser-known places; and seen the wide-open views of the surrounding countryside. And there’s no better way to take it all in than by renting an e-bike and spending some time cycling Matsumoto.


Get Lost Among the Side Roads

Matsumoto has so many narrow, winding side streets that yes, you may get lost for a short but ultimately satisfying while.

The backstreets of town aren’t made for travel brochures, but they offer something just as appealing: a glimpse into the everyday of the people who live here.


Stumble Upon a Few Sights

Naturally, there are spots in Matsumoto no one would want to miss. But there are other places that few people know about – and that even fewer will see. Some of these, like Kotakuji Temple and the onsen village of Asama, can be found if you know what you’re looking for.

Other places, like the vineyards and apple orchards that produce some of Japan’s finest fruit, are pretty much hit or miss.

The cool thing is, whether you head out on your own or decide to let us show you the way, going to these places brings you out into the countryside, and the scenes that make a visit to Matsumoto complete.


Miles of Fields, Backed by the Montains

True, you can see the mountains from most anywhere in Matsumoto.

But there is, we believe, nothing to compare with getting out of town where there is little but grass and fields between you and those mountains.


Get on your Bike and Ride!

There are e-bikes for rent all over downtown, allowing you to get out and explore on your own if you like. Fair warning though: the process of renting one of those bikes is a complicated and, for anyone who can’t read Japanese, a borderline indecipherable process. Not that it can’t be done. But if you’re itching to make the most of your time cycling Matsumoto, go the fast and easy route.

Let us rent one for you as we show you around town, on a four-hour, six-hour, or eight-hour course that will leave you feeling like there truly is no better way to take it all in than on two wheels.