A historic night tour of Matsumoto Castle

Posted on 2023.04.21 in Activities and Spots

The beginning of this year was an opportunity for us to make history! This winter, Matsumoto-Experience became the first agency in the world to allow foreign visitors access to the interior of Matsumoto Castle after dark. It was an unforgettable experience for the privileged few who were given the chance to book their tickets with us!


Support and mutual trust

Matsumoto Castle is a historic property registered as a "National Treasure" and belongs to Matsumoto City. Therefore it is in collaboration with the city, and thanks to the support of the Matsumoto Tourism Association, that these visits have been made  possible and that our guests have been given the chance to tour the castle at night!

Matsumoto Castle - A National Treasure


A unique experience in Japan

Our guests from the United States, Australia and Europe had the honor of being among the first foreign visitors to be able to access the interior of the feudal castle at night.

Access the interior of the castle at night

On this occasion, the famous hidden floor of the main tower was made accessible! Usually closed to the public, this floor located between the 2nd and 4th floors is almost imperceptible from the outside. This is a unique chance to explore this secret of Matsumoto Castle.

The Hidden Floor of the main tower

Our guests also had the opportunity to meet the residents of Matsumoto Castle who were happy to take photos with them. And from the top of the tower, the view around the castle at night was breathtaking!

The view from the top of the tower


Book your ticket for next year

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