Kimono & Ninja Costume Rental

A customizable experience that presents culture, history, and fashion all in one Walking the streets of Matsumoto in a kimono made me feel like I had been transported back to …

  • ¥4,000
  • 2 hours
  • All ages

Samurai Sword Fighting

Your chance to become a samurai now that you’ve been to Matsumoto Castle! Where the History of the Samurai Endures What better place to have your samurai experience than in …

  • ¥3000, ¥4000, ¥5000
  • 30 min, 60–90 min, 90–120 min
  • 12 and up

Taiko Drumming

Start down the road towards becoming a skilled taiko drummer! A Great Intro to Japanese Drumming Learn how to play from a local team that performs regularly in Matsumoto. No …

  • ¥5,000
  • 60–90 min
  • 6 and up

Live Shamisen Music & Mini-workshop

See, listen, and get hands-on with a centuries-old Japanese music tradition Just a few minutes' walk from Matsumoto Castle is a quaint, local theater known as the Shamisen Geiyukan where …

  • ¥700
  • 1 hour
  • All ages

Miso Brewery Tour and Lunch

A must-see for all foodies and lovers of Japanese cuisine and tradition As one of the few traditional miso paste makers left in Japan, Ishii Miso is a must-visit for …

  • ¥1,000
  • 1 hour
  • All ages

Soba Noodle Making

Learn a traditional Japanese culinary art from a master As Takagi’s soba master had put it, “Nothing tastes better than soba noodles you make with your very own hands.” While …

  • ¥3,000
  • 1–2 hours
  • 10 and up

River Cruising by Raft

Glide across the crystal-clear waters of Azumino In Matsumoto's neighboring city, Azumino, you can go rafting on the pristine waters that flow through the area. My half-day tour (the one-hour …

  • ¥5,500
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 3 and up

Apple Picking

Experience life on the farm in the Japanese countryside Tasty apples, picked with your own hands Interested in getting outside and experiencing what life is like on a Japanese farm? …

  • ¥2,000
  • 1 hour
  • All ages